Why following a plan is the key to progress

The importance of programming/ periodization for weight training and nutrition is a topic that has been covered in depth in numerous textbooks and shown to be the most effective approach in countless studies. For the purpose of this brief outline, we will be focusing on two main principles: Overload and Fatigue Management.

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The Upper Crossed Syndrome

Dr Vladimir Janda, a Czech Physician and Physiotherapist was the first to identify the common muscle imbalance denoted the upper crossed syndrome1, also commonly referred to as a slouched posture. This syndrome is characterized by rounded shoulders with an anteriorly tipped shoulder blade (scapular) and forward poking chin (figure 1).

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Movement Screening. Why bother?

Strength and conditioning and CrossFit are sports that provide participants with significant improvements in strength, mobility, confidence, aesthetic gains, performance gains and improvement in almost all health markers1. Coming from a Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology background, I cannot begin to emphasize the importance of people participating in such sports in an age where chronic disease and sedentary behavior is rampant.

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